Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors

Imperial Doors’s Aluminium Patio Sliding Door fuses functionality and appearance to offer sweeping views of the world outside. Expansive glass panels are supported by strong yet slender aluminium profiles, to create a crisp, contemporary look that doesn’t compromise on practicality. With glass panels of up to 3m tall and 2.2m width, increase the sense of space and light in your home while enjoying a better view.

Safe and secure.

The strength and durability of our high-grade aluminium offers safety and stability, but here at Imperial Doors, we know that doors require more to be truly secure. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a reputable and experienced glass manufacture who understands our attention to detail, to offer our customers premium low-e toughened glass as a double-glazing unit. The toughened glass sheets in our doors give impressive thermal efficiency, and are very hard to break. To increase security, we have adapted the design of our doors, so they open along one single track, removing unnecessary weak points. And for your peace of mind, the track is concealed reduce the risk of fingers and toes getting trapped.

Unparalleled Thermal Efficiency.

We are proud that our sliding doors achieve a 1.4 U-Value for thermal efficiency, which even exceeds the exacting requirements of British Building Regulations. The glass in our expansive panes is low-emissivity glass, with an invisible coating that reflects heat back into your home, keeping you comfortable whatever the weather or season. The energy efficiency of our doors is further improved by a polyamide thermal break in the profile, which limits the amount of cold air entering your home, helping you save on your energy bills.